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RoHun Therapy

Purification | Shadow Purification | Rohun Readings

RoHun is a systemic and rapid-acting transpersonal psychotherapy program for personal growth and spiritual development. As an energy-based method of psycho-spiritual healing, RoHun uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
abstract ink art for subtle energy healing
abstract ink art for subtle energy healing
The first step in the process are the Purification sessions. They address negative emotional experiences, events, and seemingly unimportant happenings that may negatively influence one’s perceptions of self, others and the world. Sessions can last 2-3 hours and take 4 visits. This approach is deeply transformative as it addresses the reactionary part of ourselves. Our angry, depressed, controlling selves, etc… are given an opportunity to express themselves so that we become more conscious of their effects on our daily lives and relationships. By increasing the awareness of our beliefs in action and commit to releasing these beliefs and behaviors we are able to bring about lasting change. The RoHun therapist uses etheric surgery to lovingly and gently remove the energy of these thought forms out of the client by invoking powerful energetic channels of healing.
Once the channel is open and the client is ready to continue, Skim sessions are scheduled to ensure that the chakras have been totally cleared and ready for the next level of Purification. The Shadow Purification phase of The Rohun program is where the client enters into the deeper life changing work. Working with the Shadow personality within the unconscious self can be extremely transformational and liberating. As the purification process allows the client to be aware of the effects of negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions, the Shadow Purification address the Shadow aspect of the ego. The unconscious way in which we negatively affect others and in turn continue to negatively affect the self.
abstract ink art for subtle energy healing
abstract ink art for subtle energy healing
This is Soul work that offers deep exploration of the self, ego and Spirit. This form of self-discovery ultimately allows one to know and embrace and merge with their Higher Self. To feel and behave from a connected place of compassion, forgiveness, love and true potential is the goal of working with The Rohun Doctors.

 The beauty of this approach is that it is co-creative. The Energy field of the client and the therapist are joined in a divine interaction to bring about deep insightful change and an accelerated evolution of consciousness.

 This work requires a new level of commitment for those ready to face what needs clearing in themselves. The sessions can be long but necessary to go further than other energy healing programs.
I have experienced and witnessed miracles in this work.

If you are interested in exploring more, listen to that call deep within. I am available for 15 min. free consultations to answer any questions. If you are a new client, we may need to do an introductory session first to ensure you are ready and fully interested. Please call or email to schedule your consultation.

RoHun Healing Card Readings

The RoHun Self Healing and Enlightenment cards were channeled to bring about healing in every card reading. They are considered instruments for spiritual healing and personal transformation. Together the therapist and the client use the cards to identify and heal the source of negative beliefs and reactive (shadow) selves the client holds in their energy field including the chakra system.

​Everything is energy in one form or another. The clients’ minds, subconscious, unconscious, superconscious, and conscious are energy in motion. We know they exist and are present even though we cant see them with our physical eyes.

The magnetic pull of the energies flowing through the clients’ superconscious and unconscious minds synchronize with the energy of the Rohun Cards. The cards the client pulls reflect the issues.

If you are interested in the Rohun Program but are unsure if you are ready or if it is for you, the Rohun Card Healing is a great way to be familiar with the energy.

“Your medicine is a low rolling sound that travels just above the surface of the Earth.
Sometimes it rolls slowly and sweetly like honey.
Sometimes it rolls like thunder, shaking the earth and the sky.
Sometimes your medicine moves mountains, mountains above and below the surface space.
Other times, your medicine carries tiny branches to the small wrens building their nests.
And there are those times when your medicine rolls all the way to the highest peaks and
launches you into a starry sky, sprouting wings.
These wings unfurl and expand in a golden flash of alchemy.
And you soar to distant lands, you with your medicine.
And here you gather magic and put it in hidden pockets under your feathered wings.
You return again to your beloved Earth, and roll again, unnoticed, just above the surface,
while particles of magic float in swirls around the soft powerful sound that is your medicine.
Your medicine is a low rolling sound that travels just above the surface of the Earth.
Just above and just below…it is so.”
Victoria P., Iowa

What to Expect

While there are no “typical” results, and specific results may vary from person to person, improvement in your daily life, spiritual life and physical symptoms are dependent on consistent application of coaching, techniques, goals and willingness of each client. Some common experiences reported are:

  • Sense of calm and peace
  • Improved mood
  • New found joy in life
  • Sense of Freedom and Openness to possibilities
  • Improved relationships
  • Self awareness
  • Stronger intuition
  • Stronger connection to Higher Self
  • Clarity of purpose

Most sessions include time on a plush treatment table or recliner where you are able to relax and enter into trance safely and comfortably. Sessions take 1 - 2 Hours and 2 - 3 Hours for RoHun Therapy.

Online Sessions require strong internet connection, a private space where you will not be interrupted by people or pets, good lighting and a comfortable sitting or reclining position where I can see from chest and face so I can see your breathing patterns.

This is a collaborative process and willingness, open-mindedness and curiosity are all you need to explore your inner landscape.

Complimentary 15 mins. consultations available. Please call or email to set up a time.


If we are meeting in person, please download both forms and email back to me prior to our appointment. If we are meeting online, please fill out the Service Agreement and return to me prior to our meeting. Thank you!

Online Sessions

Hollow Bone Healing Arts offers online healing sessions using video conferencing software. Distance sessions are incredibly powerful because you are able to tap into the wisdom of your body and the power of your thoughts from anywhere you are. Your Energy body, your Emotional body and your Mental body can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You hold the power to make changes and integrate wounded pieces in your life. I simply provide the container, the facilitation experience to help you reconnect the healing capacity of your Inner Healer.