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I have found that my regular practice of meditation has been shifting in the last two months of our collective experience of “The Great Pause” of 2020. I began shifting from my personal evolution to a global contribution of focused energy for healing, ease of suffering, assisting the Souls that are crossing over and resistance of fear. What once was a moment in Stillness to explore the inner landscapes of my consciousness shifted to a collaborative expression of Unity and Healing for the planet and the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. All that focused energy now wanted, needed to be turned outward.

The shift was at first, jarring. Mostly because of the illusion held within my field that I could not hold nor channel the pain of the world appropriately and the mistaken belief that isolation would further deepen the loneliness around me. As I learned quickly to surrender to the power of the Light and accept truly, the Unity of all things, stepping into service for humanity and the planet expanded my heart and allowed me to see the effortlessness of meditation as an act of service.

As I contemplated this awareness today, my guides showed me to this passage that expresses this so much more eloquently than I could. Written in 1971 this excerpt from the work of H. Saraydarian opens up one of the many opportunities this pandemic has offered me.

“In the past meditation was worship, desire, aspiration and devotion. In the New Age it will be thinking, synthesis, joy, bliss, labor and sacrifice, holding the question in the light of our highest intellectual tension and drawing out the answer, the solution of our needs, from the depth of our Soul.

The theme of our meditation will not be personal but global, one that belongs to the whole of humanity, or even to all kingdoms of the globe, and our every personal question will be viewed from the point of the global need, the global response.

In the past we were selfish. We erected walls between man and man, between nation and nation, between race and race. We created pollution in our physical, emotional and mental worlds. In the New Age we are forced to eliminate these walls and pollution on the path of our survival and liberation.

In the history of humanity, it is only now that we are sensing the fact that man, groups, nations are not islands but cells in the huge body of humanity, and it is the condition of humanity which decides the destiny of each cell. That is why in the New Age, new age souls will meditate upon universal questions, upon universal problems, to eliminate if possible the misery that we brought upon ourselves.”