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About 19 years ago when I was living in San Francisco, I was at a show at the infamous Bottom of the Hill. There was this band called, “The Immortal Lee County Killers” and they rocked! They were unlike anything I had seen two musicians perform, ever. I did not even know two people could put out so much sound with only a bass guitar and drums. But these guys did it and I was transported somewhere I needed to be at that moment in my life.

Those moments back then were full of pain and sorrow, discontent and hopelessness. When I reached outside of myself I looked for things to ease the pain instead of resolving the causes of the pain. It frankly didn’t even occur to me that life could exist without this immense internal tension.

As life had it planned for me, I moved to Seattle shortly after. A few months into my life in Seattle where I mostly regretted my move and laid on the couching crying to go back “home” to San Francisco, I saw that the Immortal Lee County Killers were coming. So I peeled myself from my couch of misery and dragged my body to the show. Again, it was phenomenal! I danced all night closing my eyes and allowing the pain I heard in the lyrics and the singers voice to drown out mine.There was hardly anybody there and many times the singer and I just looked at each other and nodded. When the show was over I grabbed a poster off the wall and asked him to sign it. He was visibly sick with a really bad cold and could barely talk after the show. I can’t remember what we talked about, but what I can remember is the energy around feeling lost and heart-broken and something about the band breaking up? I vaguely remember saying something about things getting better and to take care of himself. When I got home I looked at the poster and he hadn’t signed his name. All he wrote was, ‘Love Needs Heroes”. In that moment, I realized what it was in his eyes that resonated so deeply with me all night. In the middle of the loss and hopelessness, the darkness and uncertainty he was crying out to be loved, to be saved.

All these years I have never forgotten the phrase, Love Needs Heroes. I have tried to write a book about it. After my miscarriage I tried to write a Blog with that title, I tried to use that phrase in many ways, but it never really clicked, yet it was mine. I knew it wasn’t only a cry for help, but a directive. A mission. So I spent the last 9 years figuring out what Love was to me. I can honestly say that only until recently have I been able to fully understand the potential in that journey towards the Heart, the Higher Self, the Divine Spark within all things. 

In my work as a healing practitioner and spiritual coach, I found that Love is always at the center of the dis-ease and the cure. Either from the lack of love that causes isolation and worthlessness, or the remembering of our true nature as loving beings, Love is the key to understanding and liberation.

Now that I have done the internal work needed to firmly acknowledge that “Love Heals”, I can vow to that Soul that spoke to me through that singers eyes, that I step up be a hero for and of LOVE.

In these times Love does need Heroes. Are you willing to be one too? If so, you must first start by unconditionally loving yourself because honestly at this point in the game you know that it all starts with you, right? We can’t love others unconditionally if we can’t love ourselves in the same way. We must accept ourselves as we are, strive to be better at every choice, and as Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see”. It really does start with you. It starts with loving yourself unconditionally! It starts with removing all the programming that keeps you isolated and in fear. It starts with you remembering you are magnificent! Even when the lower nature acts out in negative ways. The real you is love. The real you is kind and generous. So come, join me… Be the Hero that love needs.