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Intuitive Art & Coaching

The Power to Heal Through Art

Sometimes, it seems as if life just has it in for us and we can never catch a break. In reality, there will always be moments we have little to no control over but, what we can always control is how we react to those moments. Often using our body, our hands, or our feet to express what we don’t have words for or don’t even want to use words for, can be a powerfully cathartic turning point in our attitude about life and our place in it.

abstract painting
abstract painting

Using Ceramics, Photography, Acrylic and Soft Pastel mediums I open myself up to the channel of Divine connection to the language of the Soul, symbolism. As a Visionary Artist I approach creative expression through an exploration of these archetypal symbols and their healing effects on the psyche. Using intention, meditation, trance and prayer I merge with my Higher Self and channel the energies that are available to us  and help bring into manifestation those symbols that can shift an internal experience for both myself and the viewer. This is the place of no mind. No control. No attachment. The paintings and creations speak to those parts of us that have a primal memory of when we (our Soul/Spirits) were in direct communion with our Higher Self, the Divine Oneness.

It is my pleasure to share this process with others. I have created workshops and one on one healing sessions in this setting for the purpose of supporting others to connect to that creative spark that often gets dimmed when we don’t allow ourselves to play and create. Creation is not only about art. It is also about how we create the lives, relationships and experiences we want. If you know you want something different in your life or experience and you don’t know where to begin exploring yourself, Art is a place to start. It can ignite all those passions long buried and breathe new life into new dreams and aspirations.

abstract painting

Intuitive Art Coaching

Working in a coaching platform, I offer a two day one on one workshop where together we will begin wherever your artistic experience is. You do not have to know anything about painting to do this. I will coach you through the basics of an abstract painting and address all the limiting beliefs, shock, triggers etc… that come up as you face the empty canvas that may reflect to you where you are stuck in your life.

I believe that working in community has enormous healing potential. By being witnessed we can release shame and conditioning that keep us isolated and disconnected. For this reason I offer Group Intuitive Art Workshops and Retreats. If you would like to attend or have a group that you would like me to work with, please email me for further information.

Please visit the Gallery below with a few sections of paintings. All paintings are for sale. Please contact for full photo and for pricing. I am currently accepting commissions for your art needs.

“One can easily feel bombarded by the messages that come through our numerous social media platforms all day, every day. Bombarded-like a bomb coming into our homes and hearts. A punch. A blow. A knock-me-out. The chaotic messaging is energy depleting. The art, inspiration, invitation to wonder and to connect with the earth, the indigenous peoples, our ancestors-that radiates from Hollow Bone comes to me gently, softly, heart-fully. The moments I spend connecting with the treasures offered here are life-giving. The messaging renews my spirit. I am grateful.”

Laura P., Ohio

“Intellect takes you to the door,
but it does not take you into the heart.”

~Shams Tabrizi

Recent Artwork

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