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Integrative Breathwork

Engage with your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Breathwork is an effective method for therapeutic resolution of emotional, psychological and physical blocks in the nervous system. This approach to healing can also help build emotional maturity by releasing patterns of limited behaviors and repressed emotional expressions rooted in the past. From car accidents, sports injuries, physical and emotional abuse and even as far back as birth trauma, Breathwork serves to approach the body without engaging the overactive and cotrolling mind.
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Often we are taught to repress emotions, memories and shock causing our nervous system to adapt to a fight or flight response even to seemingly small triggers. The breath is usually how we respond to all this stress. We stop breathing when we are scared, take shallow breaths when we are angry, we can even feel uncomfortable breathing into the top part of the lungs when we have deep grief. By increasing awareness of the body and the breath, clients become conscious of where the blocked energy is in their body, remove blocks, resolve unproductive habits and unhealthy beliefs. Which can all lead to expanded consciousness and often a reclaiming of personal power and stronger healthier sense of Self.
On a deeper Subtle Energy level, it creates an opportunity to resolve stuck energy patterns from all levels of the Etheric body by entering an altered state of consciousness that can connect the client to powerful archetypes and resources. In this non-ordinary state of awareness lessons from Past Lives can be integrated, connections to Spiritual allies can be strengthened and a state of awe and bliss can be achieved.
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Hollow Bone integrates Breathwork during sessions when needed, offers one on one full sessions as well as group events. If you and a group of friends, colleagues and/or staff are interested in private group sessions, please contact for more details.

What to Expect

While there are no “typical” results, and specific results may vary from person to person, improvement in your daily life, spiritual life and physical symptoms are dependent on consistent application of coaching, techniques, goals and willingness of each client. Some common experiences reported are:

  • Sense of calm and peace
  • Improved mood
  • New found joy in life
  • Sense of Freedom and Openness to possibilities
  • Improved relationships
  • Self awareness
  • Stronger intuition
  • Stronger connection to Higher Self
  • Clarity of purpose

Most sessions include time on a plush treatment table or recliner where you are able to relax and enter into trance safely and comfortably. Sessions take 1 - 2 Hours and 2 - 3 Hours for RoHun Therapy.

Online Sessions require strong internet connection, a private space where you will not be interrupted by people or pets, good lighting and a comfortable sitting or reclining position where I can see from chest and face so I can see your breathing patterns.

This is a collaborative process and willingness, open-mindedness and curiosity are all you need to explore your inner landscape.

Complimentary 15 mins. consultations available. Please call or email to set up a time.


If we are meeting in person, please download both forms and email back to me prior to our appointment. If we are meeting online, please fill out the Service Agreement and return to me prior to our meeting. Thank you!

Online Sessions

Hollow Bone Healing Arts offers online healing sessions using video conferencing software. Distance sessions are incredibly powerful because you are able to tap into the wisdom of your body and the power of your thoughts from anywhere you are. Your Energy body, your Emotional body and your Mental body can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You hold the power to make changes and integrate wounded pieces in your life. I simply provide the container, the facilitation experience to help you reconnect the healing capacity of your Inner Healer.