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Birthing your Medicine Bundle

In this 6 month class you will begin the process of gathering your medicine bundle. In the journey of becoming a Medicine Bundle Carrier you will connect to your Spirit, face your Shadow and fully step onto the path of a Light Worker. This portable Altar is a living representation of your Spiritual connection to your Guides and the journey of your Soul on this earth.

While harnessing the transformational and expressive power of your Medicine you will explore Soul Art as you learn to connect to the Soul through the language of symbols, color and movement. Creativity and Imagination are highways of communication with your Ancestors, the Universe and The Divine and a fun way to anchor an important aspect of Spiritual practice, Manifestation.

If you heard the call to be of service, or to find a deeper way to connect to your Higher Self and/or you feel a pull to dive deep into your own Being to heal, then this is an opportunity to learn and evolve through the energy of Ancestral Wisdom, Indigenous Teachings and Ageless Wisdom.

Contact Viviana Daleney for registration, questions and requests.

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  • Begin the process of ”seeding” your bundle
  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Deepen your Intuitive Skills
  • Introduction to Andean Cosmology
  • Explore your Personal Myth through Soul Art
  • Practice the Art of Ceremony
  • Connect to a Community of like-minded Souls
  • and much more… 


$250 a Month for 6 Months



  • We meet twice a month via Zoom. Once for the main 3 hour class and once for a 1 hour Meditation and Talking Circle.
  • One 1 hour session with me for RoHun Card Reading or Coaching/ Mentoring is included in the course.
  • Art Instruction Videos, Meditation Recordings, and More

Class Dates

We meet the Last and 2nd Sunday of each month, starting August 30.

  • Last Sundays – Main 3 hour class
  • Second Sundays – 1 hour meditation & talking circle (may sometimes extend to 90 mins.)

Our first class will be on August 30 from 10 am to 1pm. We will meet again the second Sunday of every month for a Talking Circle/Meditation for a total of 12 gatherings.

Check back here in late August for a link to our Zoom class, and access the class videos here anytime.