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Artwork by Viviana


I Am

30X40 Gallery Wrapped Acrylic on Canvas

In this experienced of the Wild Feminine she approaches the Divine offering herself in service to The Plan. In service to humanity to bring about ascension and liberation. She holds her staff of earned wisdom to mark her connection to earth and heaven. Her antlers embraces her wild freedom. The Divine responds and in this moment they are in communion.



Pastel on Pastel Paper. Print Only. Original not For Sale Price based on size.

This messenger came through during the beginning of the 2020 Shelter in Place order during the Covid pandemic. After many hours spent in meditation and helping to process the collective fear on the planet, this Angel came through with a message of Peace. She reminded me that we are not alone and that there are higher forces at play. This is a time of opportunity to connect to the Divine and find solace in the unseen support available to all of us. She emerged during hours of recitation of the Mul Mantra.


I Am Ready for Your Love

20X24 Acrylic on Canvas

Divine Mother reaches up to receive the Blessings from above. Hidden within the painting is the Sacred Geometrical symbol of the Flower of Life. She embraces her Divine Feminine and accepts the Grace of Spirit. She is in direct communion with the Holy because she embraces herself. She is also wise enough to accept support from the Angelic realm. The energy of graceful suffering is her message.


Buddha Dreaming

24X30 Acrylic on Canvas w/Textured mediums and heavy glaze.

Buddha dreaming emerged during a time of deep dreaming and visioning. Harnessing the power of creativity, manifestation and abundance, the hovering buddha calmly witnesses the desire body swirling around with the Higher Self. The colors interact with each other in a synergistic manner instead of opposing energies. This interaction reflects the need for us to experience our ego with non-judgement and unconditional love. In the stillness of this witnessing we are able to see things more clearly and manifest what is needed in our lives.


Her Heart Beats Love

30X40 Acrylic on Canvas

This Divine Feminine as the Drummer connects us to Mother Earth through the rhythm of the Sacred Drum. She is the wild unabashed feminine who refuses to hide her sensual power. She is strong in her fierce vision of what she calls in, in her stamina and in her powerful vulnerability. It is because she doesn’t hide who she is that she gets the harness the power of the Universe to heal and to call in the Circle.


Angel #8

5X7, Acrylic on canvas board. With textured medium.

This Angel in the series contains the energy of Devotion and humility. Often the Spiritual journey contains many distractions, ego trappings, illusions and/or by-passing. In order to stay true to our path, one must always remember to bow before the the Heart. To remember the spiritual qualities that keep us connected to one another, to our Higher Selves and to the Beloved. This Angel kneeling grounds me in the knowing that the more I “know”, the less I “know”.



22X28 Acrylic and Collage on Canvas w/textured mediums and heavy glaze

This being sits in contemplation of the magic of manifestation. It holds in her hands all the potential of her Divinity. She is connected to the Sacred Geometry of Spirit and in that connection she fuels the seeds of creation. She is powerful and yet childlike in her exploration. The radiation of her creativity ripples out from her hands and affects the world around her.



24X24 Acrylic on canvas

The symbolism of a door is a very powerful image of opportunity, transformation, adventure, possibility and connection to the unknown. In this piece, the underpainting contains many doors. As this painting was channeling through me I kept seeing doors opening. When there was a certain energy of liberation through transformation, another door would appear. In the final stages, this Angel began to take form in the foreground. At first I wasn’t sure if it was coming in or going out, or guarding the door or waiting to greet me. Then the fuller expression emerged within the understanding that where ever in the journey of self exploration one is, the Angel opens or closes the door that is necessary for the viewer to evolve and transform.

All of the paintings seen here are available as prints or as originals.I also accept commissions if you are looking for something specific. Contact me directly to inquire about pricing and terms.