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About Viviana

To truly heal one must be willing to be vulnerable.

There is no other way.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we can open the doors to healing and regeneration with the willingness and humility required to make lasting changes. In order to be vulnerable we first must find spaces within ourselves we trust. Then we attract support that can hold Sacred Space with safety, non-judgement, flexibility, and non-attachment. This way we can allow our deepest concerns, limitations, fears, hopes and dreams to emerge with the reverence they deserve. In doing so our Soul begins to guide the way and the inner wisdom we carry can lead us towards transformation.

In order for me to create this container for those called to work with me, it is important that I become the Hollow Bone. The empty vessel that allows Divine Wisdom to flow through and guide the way. I too must be vulnerable and willing to disconnect my ego from any illusion that I hold the answers. I must clear the path so that I can walk with those that need support and share what I have learned from personal experience. In order for me to support anyone, I must also have walked through the fire of transformation again and again.

Always with the intention to be the Hollow Bone.

There is no other way.

Visionary Art

Click here to see more artwork, available for sale as originals and prints.

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Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Sharanam Ganesha

“Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva, remover of obstacles who guards the doorway to the enlightened realms. His blessings are essential for good beginnings.”

As with any form of meditation, it’s best to chant this mantra when you are alone, in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you’re comfortable. And it’s best to do it consistently, so make a ritual out of it if you can.
This mantra is most beneficial if you can practice it daily for at least 40 days.


“When you are guyided to this pathway,
take the opportunity to experience the Sacred Unity opening you to your destiny”
~Neil Douglas-Klotz

ganesha statue